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History on Soil Augers

The 100mm bucket auger has been found to be the most effective, it penetrates all soil types easier than the 75mm and produces larger clods to examine, for example tp assess permeability and structure. 

The shaft should be marked off in convenient depths (commonly 30 – 60 – 90 mm from the bottom of the bottom of the auger bit). Finally, the 70cm handle has obvious advanages in leverage when conditions are difficult.

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Certain Requirements need to be observed for the efficient use of this handy tool.

In the first place, large numbers of boulders and stones (larger than 25 to 30mm in diameter for example) will procedure the use of an auger and it has to be accepted that the pick and shovel will have to come out! Secondly a disciplined and methodical procedure as outlined below will make it possible to describe practically all important pedological characistics of the soil profile. Some agronomic inofrmation, notably root development and distribution, cannot be observed easily and profile pits are more satisfactory.

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