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Johnson Bucket Auger (Thompson type)

A highly versatile general purpose auger, especially effective in hard and dry soils. These augers will drill into highly compacted soils with little difficulty.

  • Standard thread coupling

  • Tough, high-quality steel bail and barrel

  • New design high carbon spring steel bits

  • Unbeatable and unbreakable

Bucket Auger
Standard diameter 75mm - others on request

Bucket Auger - Open
Open-sided model for easy removal of clayey soils



Johnson Dutch Auger (Edelman type)

The most effective auger in moist and wet soils and the only auger for drilling in wet clays.

  • Standard thread coupling

  • Tough plate-steel head

  • Machine stamped and formed

  • Individually hand finished

Dutch Auger
Standard diameter 65mm - others on request.



Auger Handles and Extensions

T Handle

  • Standard thread coupling - fits all Johnson auger heads

  • Strong steel shaft

T Handle

Extension rod

  • Standard thread couplings

  • Strong square-section rod to facilitate uncoupling.

Extension Rod

Travellers T Bar

  • Screws onto extension rod to make T handle

  • Neat and easy transport and storage

Travellers T Bar



Beater Rapid-Sampler (Bicycle type)

For soil fertility sampling. This is the ideal tool for repetitive sampling in arable ground


This simple design enables you to force the probe into the ground and fill with the soil core. On extracting the probe and turning the sampler upside-down the soil drops into a bag attached to the end of the probe. You simply repeat this procedure for successive samples.

Bicycle Frame
Bicycle Frame

Soil Probe
Soil Probe




Sample bags for Beater samplers

  • Strong

  • Hand sewn

  • Pull-string tie

Sample Bags